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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  August 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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case, it has come across throug social media. >> ci the girl was taken from her home in this westside neighborhood, the family has since moved andsi neighbors say they hope that the suspect is arrested soons >> a lot of kids who play through here . >> she says that ever since a six-year-old went missing for 17 hours she keeps an extra close eye on her grandchildren. >> dish not leave the windows open at night so that someone could crawl into get the kids and mak sure that my windows are locked. >> fbi officials are not ruling out the possibility that the suspectot, and security video, not, from the area. >> the internet makes our world so much smaller, and people can chat from all over and these they have someone
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our willing to drive. >> i'm worried that in this neighborhood you see kids up an down here at play it could then my kids he come through my window. >> >> $20,000 reward is offered fo information that leads to an indictment in the case, if you have information, call the fbi. >> the last thing at this stage which particular app but they say that parents should be involved and look at all of th apps. >> a asked if there was one in particular years and she said thatsker right now are still lo at that but we just want to put out a warning for parents al wih school starting and kids will b out more so watch when your kid
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it is a warning and they're looking to see if it was used in this case. >> > >> a difficult day for those wh knew a young teacher after she and her boyfriend were killed i an apparent jealousy driven attack over the weekend as dav nethers visit the school in th dance studio where she taught and spoke to those who knew he and joins us from fox 8 studio at university of akron. >> on this i fourth-grade teacher in akron, was away from school also a dance teacher, someone who care abouted and made a tremendous impact on young lives. >> as a student at kent state university or years ago she mad this video of o herself dancing with the founder of dance studio and cuyahoga falls where she ha
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fourth-grade teacher at boris communities learning center in akron whether preparing a new school year, was shot and killed a man massillon with her boyfriend as they pulled out of his driveway saturday.nd they that an ex-boyfriend is responsible,yay amended those closest to her were trying to d what they could to honor her memory . >> we decided to start a tonight, we're going to maybe dance a little and maybe dance none. >> why to let the balloons go after prayer andnd people say w they need to say >> she worked really hard at building a strong relationship. she was someone that they could trust that they needed help
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arithmetic smack they have identified the gunman as 29-year-old shane barnard, attempted to take his own life as they attempted to you was being arrested, he was hospitalized, his condition not available while the investigation continues.. charges pending against an elderly driver who police say plowed into an outdoor dance floor and parma heights leaving a people injuredd , matt wright spoke to one of victims and joins us with the videoeo of wh happened. >> f at this time, three women are hospitalized one critically wit ath brain injury. it happened the parma heights playstation
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carn back down, did a full 360 then crashed into this telephone pole into a crowded dance for, vintage shows the car out of control. the 74-year-old femal driver hit the gas pedal instea of the brake pedal crashing through barricades onto the dance floor beforec hitting a people dancing to frank sinatra and dean martin, sending six to na hospital happened during a city sponsored summer concert series and greenbrier commons next to the parma heights playstation consoler an office who art screens responded quickly one victim, his girlfriend is in intensive care said that happen quickly. >> >
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, before i could pick myself up like i was in quicksandf to see what happened. >> asking for prayers. >> appears to be a terrible accident, charges are pending against the driver who is not yet been identified. >> v lorain county teenager and his parents are suing the sheffield lake schools over the districts drug testing policy. jack shea reporting sides and joins us with the story. >> thjo school district says the policy designed to identify students who need help the family says that the testing violates there rights. >> drug testing policy, when done without cause goes against our constitutional rights to be free from illegal search and seizure and also that everybody has the right to be treated equally which is the fourteenth amendmentndha.
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school district, those who participate in extracurriculars or drive to schoolrr must submi to drug testing, the lawsuit, the 15-year-old sophomore and his parents maintain the district has no right to tell students without probable caused but according to the school district, the supreme court has ruled the students to take part in activities have a lesser exultation of privacy than others. the school superintendent in sheffi the drug testing will serve as deterrentl and identify students with substance abuse issues. >> wif you are tested , and your urine is positive for drugs,s, then you're going to have to seek counseling and intervention. so that you can get help >> ifif we could test everybody then we would, but as soon as you attached a greatouy to a cl they're not allowed to take
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so were basically testing everyone that we can test. >> your jon husted is basically that you do not trust them unti they prove themselve . if you tell the student said she did not trust them, then why should they trust you? and we should be building a more positive environment and our schoolsho. it appears that her 50-year-old son will miss out o activities like sports and student council because of the family's unwillingness to take part in the drute he will be allowed to be in the because it is considered a class at the school. >> he we do have some breaking news,a creating quite a mess on the roadways, interstate 90 wes along the inner-beltlt is close at this time causing traffic backup. a rollover accident between chester and i-77. >> you can see it was backing
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if you are leaving the city towards the west side, you will need to find ads alternati route stop waiting for more details as soon as we get that we will pass that along to you, i 90 west is closed and acciden between chester and i-77. >> nin other news, louisiana flooding is the worst natural disasterng to hit since superst sandy four years ago as they try to recover, politicians use the disaster to score points?it as tracy mccool joins us >> > 's band ten day since the floodwaters swept across the state , usually when disaster strikes, high-profile suliticians to the damage to assess the situation, and see what they can t do to help peop but the biggest politician in the nation has been noticeably absent the president has been on
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backseat during a disaster is not unheard of after all george w. bush only did a flyover during the days after hurricane katrina in 2,005.. newspapers and louisiana blasting mr. obam for not cutting short his vacation to show solidarity with victims, he will come to baton rouge tomorrow promisingh that the government will not leave them behind. >> last week e donald trump and his running make mike pence visited with proving that donald trump cares about all americans that is what mike pence said today. >> then these neighborhoods devastated by flooding in baton i saw this leader. i think that message in other messageses show that we can do better for americans.
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hillary clinton issued a statement today that said that she will visit louisianaon when the presence of a political campaign will not disrupt the response.e. she also asked her supporters to donate to the red cross to help cover efforts.d the flooding has claimed 13 lives , damaged or destroyed mo than 60,000 homes. the event is the resort know about a dangerous alligatort in the area before a deadly attack? here's lou maglio? >> > this is what we are finding out, tmz reports that a guest at the disney grand floridian resortrt sign alligator in the area where the 2-year-old was playing and according to tmz sh told someone a report indicates that she told investigators she
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daughters and said that a 5-foo alligatorgh was seen. the older daughter told a worker about th alligator, when the family returned, about one hour later the attack had happened, the report explains that he went where the water with his father who saw the alligator had grabbed his son, you try to sav himm fighting with the gator wa on is a good the resort will ad more released a statement that says they are heartbroken butt they not plan to sue. >> in 2016, the road to the white house runs through ohio. >> one of the candidates is making himself at home,t donald trump brings his message to the area for the second straight monday.
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today low humidity with temperatureses in the 70s had that fall-like feel, water temperature in the upper 70s, tomorrow, a little warmer. the fox 8 foxtrot will be the sunday, you can register, it will be registration beginning at 7:00 a.m. sunday for the 5k or 1 mile walk. it will be right around the mid to upper
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lots of '70s and some '80s midweek, kansas city 85. st. louis in the 80s. the dewpoint is just a bit higher to the weste we ha very low dewpoints that will be increasing event tuesday, wednesday especially thursday. we saw some lake enhanced cloud cover. although rainfall around us sunshine.e. things are very quiet across the lower 48 a few areas of flooding concern down throug texas, louisiana. high pressu is off the eastern seaboard had to wait for the next chancellor showers/storms thata
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tonight, staying mainly clear. and then tomorrow, a beautiful start and finish. will be good condition still la could be a shower late evening, but not that likely. tomorrow about 80 degrees, mostly sun and then dry until wednesday night. friday upper 70s, a great weekend especially for th foxtrot. beginning in the 60s and the ending with 80sn in the afternoon with sunshine.
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unforgettable night for a veteran, throwing out the first pitch was just the set up to an even bigger surprise. >> t
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment
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you can read the plan here. soldiers from conflicts both ol and new. some are still
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>> there is help for veterans and hope. >> this is the greatest mission to take care of our nation's heroes. >> > g louis stokes cleveland va medical center strives to heal veterans each day. cleveland has the third largest va healthcare and the united states day. >> selo she is the medical center director of the va and says tha their goal is to take care of whole veteran. >> we have added to come from all of the country for our specialized programs like ptsd and spinal cord injury. >> there is federal funding for
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community support is paramount to take thatam cure to the next level when it comes to enhancin lives. >> cannot say enough nice things. >> c c c bill richardson is a navy veteran who could have gone anywhere for medical care and then chose the va. >> icthey take excellent care, me, and i don't think i could have received betterdo medical care elsewhere. >> dave salinas, paratrooper who suffered a number of injuries doing two tours of iraq and afghanistan he came herehe by choice. sometim it's harder for ao veteran to g to a dr. think that the va make it easier. >> says the continuity of caret and camaraderie or second line at the va. >> here you are surrounded by fellow veterans frome lots of different campaigns and conflicts and there is a brotherhood.
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whether combat or not, they all served, they did their job, it's up to us to fulfill our commitment to them. >> that's why we ask you to join us for the fourth annual fox 8 foxtrot on august 28, gather your friends and family, every generation ef our soldiers served our country with pride sacrificing so much, so let's help them to help the country >> tracy mccool fox 8 news. >> it's a small thing that we can do for them, if you have signed up you can pick up your shirt in-bev this week, on thursday and friday at the flee feet store and less like an pepper pike and wednesday at
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these locations. >> registration race day begins at 7:00 a.m. the 1 mile walk gi one hour later at 8:00 a.m. o the big 5k run star at 9:00 a.m. with plenty of fun and live music from thehe ace molar band we hope to see you this sundayac. >> ohio plays a big part in the 2016 presidential campaign >> may be why donald trump is back in ohio for the second tim in a day's end where he is today and what he plans to tell the crowd.
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natalie herbick: after a few showers it appears that were in store for some great weather thanks for staying with us. gabe spiegel: we need some good exercise whether for the upcominghe fox 8 foxtrot on
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that happen? >> if you have not trained, get out there. plenty of days to do so even if you do not train, you can still come out, it is good fun. do not have to be the winner it is to meet up for a good cause to have some good company enjoying the city and enjoy it, maybe it will be the first time that you haveme tried it. >> looks like some boaters on the lake getting some fish. seventy-seven, in findlay. you can just feel the fall-like feel. everybody is raving, we had such a hot humid
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but many of us say that we could take a little bit more comfortable air in place and that's what or have. somee decorative lake enhanced clouds. it will be clear calm and cool, tonight. tomorrow even warmer. tonight mid 50s, in some areas that could be low 50s. it chilly if you have your windows open tomorrowee high of about 80 degrees, mostly sunny until the next shot of rainfall with warmer temperatures talk about the coming upuf and also weekend forecast.. >> no republican has one presidency without winning ohio and with a close race every vote counts. >> for the second monday in a row,fo donald trump
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akron withnea suzanne stratford join us with what we can expect tonight from the donald. >> nnnn we never know exactly what to expect from donald trump.ow were talking about donald trump coming into town he wants to win over ohio voters and is coming back to the state after a visit last week. here at the university of akron james a. rhodes arena, the doors are filling up long lines up front waiting to hear donald trump speak the event starting about 7:00 p.m. security is tight for these events, the closer that we get to election day and donald trump expected to reach out to those disenfranchiseded democratic voters talking about jobs, unemployment, etc. he will be landing at akron-canton airport then come here after
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michigan and other key battleground states. tried to get the african-american voters, disenfranchised and independent voters and earlier today, heard from his running mate mike pence. this is why he had to say about what he andw trouble trying to do in this state. >> the key to donald trump's success in business i think will continue to be the key for his ss su campaign. that is to bring and the right people to have the right combination,r that is what a great ceo does and that's what he does with this campaign. >> that is the patch, we have heard that and will hear that again, we will bring you what you need to know here from thee james a. rhodes arena. there have been some incidents on the road at other camping stuff but
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>> like you suzanne stratford. >> hillary clinton's sets aside additional $80 million for advertisements andnd eight battleground states including ohio that a total of $150 million will be spent in the weeks leading up to the election, the e-mail scandal refused to go away as the state department reviewswse 15,000 previous undisclosed e-mails that 15 they can . be released in early october, not clear how many are related to her tenure as secretary of state nu , she claimed she only deleted personal e-mails before returning 55,000 pages of work-related messages to the state department last year. this is a bad one, this will affect just about everybody driving home especiallyus out east and you try to get into
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inner-belt in downtown cleveland is close because they rollover accident between chester andnd i 77, on i-90 traffic is backing up for miles outside of the station here as you are around the dead man's curve area. i-90 west is closed between chester and c i 77 because of a rollover accident. you may want to make alternate plans. i downtown area is closed because of an accident between chester and i-77. take a sure way if you can, take some downtown sidestreets if you can, there is not an indians game tonight but it is a mess out there ont dead man's curve. there is a new price to pay to keep your kids
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just got the more expensive. maia belay got back with talking to one of those families would they say? >> that it isis getting tough for working people to afford it or submitting togor choose between paying bills or for the epipen. >> cinpronounced testing high for it. >> she's worried about her son justinn at nine moth eczema, a skin disorder that is, getting his skin allergy. >> sikeeping him safe, along with the other estimated 15 million americans with food allergies just got more expensive. the cost of an epipen increases by 400 percent. for some families it is difficult to afford. >> i was blindsided. i went to the pharmacy i hadn'tr no idea it was
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when i bought just to epipens that she has to have at all times,t it can cost up to $600 even with the coupont. >> apprised of forces many patients to go without the epipensns. >> they're only good for about one year, so you pay that price or something that you may or may not use is kind of ridiculous. >> i askedd the pharmaceutical representatives about the increasing cost of the statement that says in partes hen-
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find a way to make it work because timothy olyphant health is not a bet that she's going to make. >> tough questions, you take the risk or without and doctors say that is never a good idea to go without epipen. >> > kids with allergies like peanut butter , peanuts, they need to have multiple pans and now that the priceth is gone from 100 to what? >> they could go up to $600 depending on your insurance plan and your deductibles it is$6 a financial mess for many families to be sure. >> . >> were excited to have you here on 4:00 o'clock 4:00 o'clock, is a rebut each region? >> everybody is, no complaints.
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followed the athletic competition >> recaptured the power, pageantry of the summer games using a pick of $5 sharpies. we will recap this year's olympic moments next.
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after two weeks, the 2016 olympics are over, but some networks rules about what we could show, still apply. >> we showed you some amazing things here is a look back atu the 2016 olympic moments.
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>> if they did not have such strict rules about video highlightsts will not have these
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geiger. >> a look from book like from. next year on this d 76 degrees cleveland, lots of seven days out
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comfortable, a bit below normal. tomorrow be close to 80 degrees and then into the low '80s wednesday and thursday. you can look up stream, at the dewpoints, gives you a, indication of the overnight lows for us. could be 52 overnight tomorrow.ou we have lots of sunshine and activity around us but not here. watches/warnings, it is pretty quiet across the lower 48. this chance of rainfall could be a
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western counties, it will be late wednesday. as it moves through slowly from northwest to southeast , thursday a chance of scattered showers/storms. tonight mid- 50s it will be mostly sunny tomorrow near 80 degrees. best chance of showers/storms thursday. will be beautiful for friday night touchdown, week number one and also the fox 8 foxtrot on sunday it looks to be fantastic for running or walking. in just five days, has go for bossi's returns so does fox 8'sh friday
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hit the field, looking at some of the great football teams around northeast ohio, here are the euclid panthers.
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that was really sharp, season number 20 of friday night touchdown this friday night join p.j., john telich and dan coughlin on friday august 26 for the best high school football coverage at 11:00 p.m. on fox 8. >> or the indians are in oakland and the browns go to tampa as j.t. joins us. >> the end and leave town in first place the brownsd are looking for their first preseason they will have two days of drills against thehe tampa bay buccaneerse starting tuesday in tampa. one of the points of emphasis for danny shelton and the rest of his defensive teammates will be to stop the run, coach jackson knows this generous kind of play keep his offense off the
4:50 pm
falcons, the browns had no answern for their ground game, atlanta averaging 5.5 yards per carry, the browns had 498 yards of total offense and danny shelton knows that this has to be a rallying point.. >> nd or we are it is a chance to be humbled. the people expected and we expect a lot from us. we faced the two teams the outcomes. we have a chip on her shoulder and is again a three-game series in oakland tonight withhd carlos carrasco on the hill they have 18 of the last 11 and mr. carrasco was very good on the road this year he is five and three. i think the in all of baseball in terms of teaching on the road so
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>> > th they had a great weekend wedding two out of three versus blue jaysin did see a lot of blue jay gear at ea progressive field a lot of the fans of there can come down to see the team,he like to see them play more home gamesli at the end of this month and next month with more fans in the stands they certainly look like a playoff team. >> lots of folks wld love the chance to throw out the first pitch at a baseball game. >> cowow that includes this proud veteran but that's
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throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game is a big deal. >> heebfor a veteran remains at large, milton shelley pitch at a minor league baseball game in kansas city for the weekend,m but he was elected because he is a veteran andt all that was partially true, when he was brought home plate, he was presented with a purple heart, he was wounded in vietnam but never received it until as. back >> it has been so long, i was hoping that i would get onene one day and the lord came througho.
4:55 pm
it was awesome, it has been other> 46 years overdue and to be able to be a part of that after knowing the individual ideas it is immeasurablet . >> he got the purple heart with the help of his neighbor after contacting the foundation for
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have you seen rob portman's ads saying he's leading the fight against opioids? well here's what he's not telling you: rob portman actually voted against the funding needed for the program. that's right, portman voted against the funding. and as heroine ravaged our communities, rob portman voted twice for budgets that threatened cuts to drug treatment programs.
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afscme is responsible for the content of this advertising. at longhorn, steak is all you need. its not all you get. longhorn's great american steak dinner for $12.99. perfectly seasoned sirloin with your choice of side. plus an appetizer or a dessert. all with fresh salad and unlimited bread. the great american steak dinner, for $12.99. tonight, only at longhorn steakhouse. for lunch try our steakhouse burger or any steakhouse lunch combo starting at $7.99. charges pending against an elder driver who plowed into a dance floor and parma heights. >> eight people injured
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with video of what happened. it is time to look at this video. that is as it happened inin an instant in the parking lot of the parma heights police station last nightl, 7:00 p.m., three women remain hospitalizedai one in critical condition. >> > video shows the car careening into a crowded dance form including ken wadsworth. >> > anby the time i saw that it was over. he was dancing with his girlfriend, who is hospitalized with critical injuries. >> hofelt like it was an undertow at the beach. more than 100 took in the sounds of frank
5:00 pm
dean martin add a similar concert, greenbrier commons they said that the senate for your driver was backing out of a parking spot accidentally hit in the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal she crashed into another car. >> she said that she was not feeling rather well that's why she left early,at i interviewed her last night it just appears that it was a terrible accident. >> it happened just steps from the parma heights police station, an officer. the screams for help. >> the officer was there within seconds and he called for squads. >> says that charges are pending against the driver. >> the car that the woman was driving is impounded, police


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